Badass women
Created by - Kristen Tollefsen // JEFFSCOTTSHAW // Print Designer - Miki Kaneshiro // Website HERE
Self Distributed Print Pieces in 20+ Locations Around Seattle // Seattle Public Library Distribution

The Concept  // In 2019 I launched my Badass Women series to share the stories of underrepresented women in the current media landscape.  Stories like the women featured in this series can be found all around the world but I choose to focus on the stories of women in the Seattle area because this is my home and I believe that my community needs to see these incredible women for who they truly are in the community.  

Women are not typically celebrated for their talent, hard work, or skill sets when it comes to marketing materials. This project is intentionally geared to give women the visual and media respect that they deserve, and highlight them through composed and written profiles that are based off interviews that we have with them in the production process. 

The Badass Women series currently consists of five online with short video profiles and an accompanying print piece with distribution of 2,000 (for each profile) throughout Seattle and South King County. The print piece is also in circulation with the Seattle Public Library.
It's the long play.
To honor and showcase women who are gritty, hard working, and have put in the work to be elite in their field or profession.
To make known all the obstacles that aren't celebrated when a woman is finally publicly recognized.
And yet, she's a badass just the same.
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